Our Success Story | Chef Josiah Juil “JJ”

Josiah Juil, or JJ, as he prefers to be called, came from modest origins in a middle-class family in the Philippines. His passion for cooking emerged at a young age and led him to graduate with a Bachelor of Science majoring in culinary arts management.

JJ’s career took him from the fast-food industry to leading a production and catering team at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, to serving as an executive chef and food consultant in his home country. He also gained international expertise as a private chef and worked as a culinary instructor, constantly exploring cuisines and experimenting with flavours.

The Australian employer approached Perdaman Global Services to source a group of overseas candidates eligible for the position of skilled chefs at various locations in Australia.
Perdaman recruitment and migration specialists worked closely with the business to ensure the interested candidates met prerequisites including English language proficiency, possess the required professional and soft skills, and were prepared to engage in long-term employment, on a four-year visa, with intentions to secure permanent residency.

A pool of candidates was chosen through CV screening and video interviews, then shortlisted to participate in a trade test in Manila, Philippines. Our chef trade tests are a practical assessment hosted at a commercial-like kitchen facility, designed to evaluate candidates’ genuine performance and facilitate a comprehensive skills assessment process.

Representatives from the employer were invited to attend our trade test in person to meet with the shortlisted candidates and directly participate in the evaluation process.

JJ was among the successful candidates directly selected by the employer based on the skills demonstrated. His passion and skills shone through at the very beginning of the recruitment process, but his professionalism, exceptional social acumen, and outstanding performance at the trade test was a closing call for the recruitment team.

From initial compliances and skills assessments to visa documentation and mobilisation, all were managed by Perdaman, streamlining the entire recruitment process for the employer.
The organisation’s Chief Executive Officer said the recruiting program was extremely professional and successful.

“[Perdaman] presented an excellent cohort of candidates and I can’t wait to integrate them into our business. The experience and quality of the chefs certainly met our hopes and expectations and I know will make a difference to our business.”

Now working at the mining town of Collinsville in Queensland, JJ’s new role sees him working in a close-knit team of chefs catering to onsite staff and essential workers.

His vast experience across various cuisines including French, Italian, Western, Asian and Mediterranean, coupled with a passion for exploring flavours was a key strength that is highly praised in his new job. JJ particularly enjoys proposing creative dinner menus, often creating fusion dishes that incorporate elements of global cuisines while resonating with the Australian local palate.

His signature dish is coconut-infused spicy beef curry.

When asked about his favourite aspects of working in Australia, JJ expressed appreciation for the work-life balance, career prospects and the moments of camaraderie with his colleagues. Beyond work, JJ enjoys the beautiful nature where he lives, the friendliness of the locals, and the peacefulness of the town where he not only finds professional fulfilment but also a sense of belonging.



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